Area 509 Marijuana Strain


509 st OG, bred by Rare Dankness, is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Skywalker OG with Rare Dankness #1. The colorful flowers are tinged with a wide spectrum of green, blue, red, and purple hues that give off a deep piney kush aroma that mixes with the sweetness of grape flavors. The potent effects

make 501st OG a great nighttime strain to help with pain relief and trouble
sleeping.Experience the body-numbing, giggle-fit-inducing, mentally tranquilizing effects of two of Phat Panda’s topselling strains. Weird Science joins Miracle Alien Cookies to create an indica-dominant hybrid that will take you on a journey that is out of this world. Feel your worries melt away, and enjoy the ride.

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